Nourishment for the Body

Love It and Lose It

Lose weight through proper nutrition. Change a few habits and you'll never "diet" again! Get nutrition tips including the must-have organics, stress-fighting foods, the scoop on sugar and more!

Move It

Exercise for your sanity! Losing and maintaining weight is a BONUS of exercise. Exercise helps with insomnia, stress and anxiety. Like most of you, I would rather being doing something else but, when I don't exercise, I get especially stressed and cranky! Click here to get tips on what to eat before and after exercise, stretching after 40, why runners need a book and more.

Eat It

Former US Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop said approximately 75 percent of all deaths that occur in the US each year are from diseases which could have been prevented through proper nutrition. That is a shocking statistic. I am an ex-smoker who has gone from a diet of fast food, mac & cheese and potato chips to quinoa and tofu and tea. It was a major adjustment and required an inordinate amount of will power but I actually changed my tastes. I'll share some of my favorite, tasty recipes here.

Drink It

I frickin' gave up coffee. I wake up at 3:30 every morning for work and I gave up coffee. Why is coffee so bad for you? Click here to find out. Plus, I'll give you the scoop on tea. There are SO many wonderful tasting teas out there... I'll share my favs.

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